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Our Approach

We take a highly collaborative approach to working with our clients. We believe in listening more than talking. You know more about your business than we do and we want to make sure we understand your needs and challenges before we start working on a solution and a plan.

Meet the Team

We believe that community is everything. We believe that investing in relationships makes our lives more fulfilling and more successful. Our team is dedicated to building lasting, rewarding relationships through collaboration and open communication.


Tessa Kyriakopoulos

President & Chief Executive Officer


Tessa is a globally-experienced marketing communications strategist committed to developing and implementing programs that drive audience engagement and attract customers. 

One of her proudest (and most exciting) accomplishments is winning the bid for the Athens Olympics as part of the international media relations team supporting the bid. 

She has an MBA in marketing, is bilingual in Greek/English and can get by in French. She lives in Bethesda, MD with her four children and two dogs.


Jennifer Cassell

Chief Creative Officer


Over 18 years ago, Jennifer left the agency world to explore building her own firm. Jennifer has maintained and grown many successful and long-term relationships with clients including The George Washington University, American Chemical Society, AOL and The Hydrocephalus Association. As these relationships have grown, so has her team. Jennifer now leads a robust staff of highly skilled creatives including three designers, two writers and two web developers. With a sharp eye for detail and the ability to consistently think outside of the box, Jennifer guarantees that her clients receive exemplary service and the highest quality products.


Mike Collins

Chief Operations Officer


Mike is a results-driven senior-level executive with diverse experience managing over 25 million dollars in accounts. An entrepreneur and innovator, he has broad leadership expertise within startup and rapid growth situations. He is an exceptional staff manager, developer and mentor, has a pragmatic approach, and leads by example.

Mike combines 20 years of special events experience (e.g. the Washington D.C. Auto Show and U.S. Presidential Inaugurations) with a diverse personal and professional background in motorsport. He is the founder and managing partner of a large, amateur motorsports team and has raced in the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup.


Cathy Peterson

Digital Marketing Specialist


Cathy has spent her career helping companies achieve their revenue goals through targeted marketing campaigns. Her passion for leveraging digital technology across the customer journey makes her a force to be reckoned with.  Plus, her obsession with finding actionable insights to inform marketing strategy, maximize campaign performance, and improve customer experience makes her an invaluable asset to her clients.

Our Name

When she founded the firm, Tessa wanted to find a name that was meaningful both personally and professionally. The four letters are the initials of her four children and also form a name that exemplifies the reasons she founded the firm.


In Hawaiian, Kayn represents the eastern sky, which stands for new beginnings; and beautiful, which describes the design of the work we produce.


The Celtic name Kayn means little battle, representing the challenges business owners, working parents, and our clients face every day.

Urban Dictionary

A being with special powers, which he uses to rhyme, compose, abolish world boredom, make people feel as if they've never felt before.

As our name suggests, KAYN Communications strives to create memorable campaigns
that leverage the power of storytelling to inspire audiences to take action.

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